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We’re defining an API and data structures to enable true interoperability among products for organizations with progressive values.

Disparate Treatment

Lehigh Brown and White

The OSDI License grants ONLY apply to the OSDI Specification. This does not include the Action Network API spec, which is just the pinkwashed, plagiarized OSDI spec.
The purpose of the OSDI License was to ensure that the evolution of the spec remains in under the democratic processes which Action Network agreed to when it joined in November of 2013.

The purpose of this project was to create a common API that can be used by all platforms and applications to create a level competitive playing field. It was not to provide free labor and intellectual property for Action Network to use as it's own competitive lever.

Participation in the OSDI democracy was coerced to stop by Action Network, AFL-CIO, MoveOn, and other orgs that lose in a democracy.

You can see a current example of that on this github issue

The crux of the conflict is that Action Network doesn't want to abide by the democratic rules it agreed to. If it wants posession of the project, and or the license grants, then it needs to follow those rules.

“If [OSDI] succeeds, it could usher in the next chapter in political technology.”

The Washington Post

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Spoke / VAN / EveryAction / Action Network Integration

Spoke / VAN / EveryAction / Action Network Integration

November 14, 2019

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People Import and Queersync

July 4, 2019

FROM: OSDI Department of Outreach TO: Progressive Interoperability Special Agents RE: RFI on People Import Helper and Spoke Implementation A proposal is on the table …

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OSDI 101: Zero to Person Signup Helper

OSDI 101: Zero to Person Signup Helper

May 3, 2019

If you’d like to get a feel for the basics of the OSDI API, but aren’t a coder, this lesson is a quick learning example …

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The Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) effort seeks to define an API and data structures for interoperability among products in the progressive cause-based, campaign and non-profit marketplace.

The existence of a common API will reduce customer costs related to moving data between different systems, lower integration costs and enhance the ability of innovators to create products for the marketplace.

OSDI membership is made up of progressive vendors and organizations as well as invited non-partisan and mainstream industry vendors.

The API will define interfaces including but not limited to resources representing people, donations, questions, tags, and events. The group will determine the order in which to define resource models and which version of the API to include them in.

View: A Demo of an OSDI WordPress Plugin OSDI Implementation Information

Benefits of a Common API

Customers, Digital and Tech Directors, Technology Consultants

  • Less manual and error-prone data import/export
  • Staff and volunteer data entry time savings
  • Better ability to pick and choose technology products and use them together
  • Multi-vendor solutions mean less headaches

Technology Application Developers

  • Write platform integration code once rather than per platform means less dev hours spent
  • Data consistency across platforms reduces cost
  • Can spend more resources on new customer features rather than integration code

Platform Vendors

  • Ability to integrate means an easier sell to customers who already use another platform
  • Common API across vendors enables a larger app ecosystem for your platform


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